Golden Arrows Channel

How it works:

PC: Just wait 25 sec till the ad closes and click on fullscreen at right bottom of the stream.

Android / Apple users: at start of stream there will be a notice to register. Do not do that!!

Just cancle and click on the stream to get it started.

Chrome users who do not see the stream please check: Adobe support link

PS: You do not need to register to watch the stream.
The stream is for FREE! Sometimes a platform does not work.

The AD's are from the partner who distributes the stream. Distributing streams takes excessive bandwidth and that makes it costly.

So they use the AD's to cover the costs and earn a little dough.

It is one of the best services that are availeble for free so please accept it as it is.

19-10-2017 Addition: I got some reports the stream is not working from time to time.

The streaming applet is not visible at all.

For UK users (other countries possible too) its possible the stream wont start at all from time to time.

UK ISPís filter some streams during big sporting events such as premier league etc. After the event the filtering
stops and you should be able to watch the Golden Arrows again. A VPN could be of use. I am not sure as I am not able to
test it. I know for a fact that some IPTV providers stream through VPN as a countermeasure.

Adviced VPN: vyprvpn

More information about VPN!